RCB-1 is a small electric motor controller for Smarthouse applications. It powers single phase motors rated 120VAC, 5 Amps maximum and features a low voltage, 3 wire control that is set up to be operated by momentary switches, pushbuttons or relay contacts. The main advantage of the motors controlled by RCB-1 (equipped with logic module), is that they can be run from multiple locations by simply paralleling the input controls. Control computers or security systems can interface with RCB-1 using 'A' Form dry contacts; one contact for each direction.

RCB-1 system is programmable by jumper to control either light loads (i.e. Vertical blinds) or heavier loads (i.e. Drapes). Momentary control switches allow the motor to be jogged or to run continuously. In a Vertical Blinds mode, continuous operation is achieved by depressing the control switch for approximately 1/2 second. This causes the logic to latch in and as a result the motor continues to run. The motor then can be stopped at any time by pushing the control switch momentarily. Otherwise, the motor will run until the end of the track where the limit switch (built usually into the drive) turns the motor off.

In the Drapes mode, the motor will run immediately, when the control switch is depressed. Since drapes could have considerable weight, a built-in 1 second time-delay prevents immediate restarting of the motor in the opposite direction.

RCB-1 is housed in a small steel enclosure. All external wiring should be done according to Electrical Code by qualified personnel only.




Power Requirements: 120VAC, 5A, single phase

Control Voltage: (internal)

Relay Board: 28VDC

Logic Modules: 12VDC

Number of Relays: 2

Output Contact Rating: 120VA, 10A max. resistive

Operating Temperature: -100C to +500C

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Dimensions: 6x6x3 in.

Mounting Position: As required

Terminal Wire Size: No. 16 to 22 AWG