RCB-2 is a motor controller for smart house applications. The RCB-2 Controller is used in conjunction with 2 single phase reversible motors, each of which have a 120 VAC rating and a 3A maximum. A low voltage DC control bus is provided to simplify the external control wiring. This system is set up for easy interfacing with control computers or security systems.

The RCB-2 is a flexible system consisting of a relay module and optional logic modules. The relay board houses electromechanical relays, DC power supply and a universal header for interconnecting the logic modules via ribbon cable.

One advantage of the motors controlled by RCB-2 is that they can be run from a multitude of locations. The logic module M-21 allows the individual motor drives to be controlled by either a master control panel or from various individual control stations. The control stations require a simple C-form dry contacts to activate the logic. When multiple control locations are employed, the control switches should be configured with momentary 3 position switches. The motors will continue to run as long as the switch is pushed up or down. In simple installations 3 position maintained switches can also be used. Control computers or security systems can interface with RCB-2 using 'A' Form dry relay contacts rated 0.1 Amps min.; one contact for each direction.

Logic Module M-22 is set up with memory logic, which interprets momentary control contact closures into various commands. For example, if the control buttons are depressed for about half a second, the logic will latch-in, and the motors will continue to run after the button is released. Once running in this logic setting the motor can be stopped by pressing the control button again. With the M-22 module this feature will apply to the master and the individual controls. The logic module allows each of its 3 circuits to be configured for vertical blinds or drapes. This is done by a miniature jumper. Each Logic Module M-22 can be configured to control various combinations of drapes and/or verticals.

RCB-2 is housed in a steel enclosure. Knock outs are provided in different sizes to allow for easy installation. The external wiring should be done according to Electrical Code, by qualified personnel only.




Power Requirements: 120VAC, 10A, single phase

Control Voltage:

Relay Board: 28VDC

Logic Modules: 12VDC

Number of Motor Drives: 2

Output Contact Rating: 120VAC, 10A max. resistive

Operating Temperature: -10 deg.C to +50 deg.C

Duty Cycle: Continuous

Mounting Position: As required