Ground Fault Protection Relays System GFR-2 Ordering Information

Ground Fault Protection Relays System GFR-2
CSA approved GFR-2 relay is housed in a standard track mount DIN enclosure.

Our Ground Fault System protects industrial electrical equipment such as motors, transformers and feeders against damage caused by low magnitude ground currents. GFR-2 operates reliably on either high or low resistance grounded distribution systems.

GFR-2 can operate with any Sensor supplied by Skymatic Controls or others. Ordering Information provides more details about the various Relay options, tripping ranges and selection of Sensors.

Ground Fault Protection Relay GFR-2 works with a Zero Sequence Current Transformer (Sensor). When the Ground Fault occurs, the Sensor sends the signal to trip GFR-2 relay. DPDT output contacts are available to operate breakers, annunicators or other devices.

Technical Information
Power Supply: 115AC + 10% - 20%, 50/60Hz, 3VA
Tripping Range: See Ordering Information Output Contacts: DPDT, 3A @ 115VAC or 28VDC
Repeatability Better than 1%.
Temperature Range:  -10C thru + 55C
Operating Time: 50 msec. (typical)
Duty Cycle Continuous
Weight (approx.): 0.3 kg
Dimensions: 45 x 70 x 116 mm
Mounting Position: As required
Terminal Wire Size: 2 x 14 AWG (Solid)
      Download GFR-2 Manual (pdf file)

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