Introduction GFR-2

This system protects industrial electrical equipment such as motors, transformers and feeders, against the damage caused by low magnitude ground currents. GFR-2 works effectively on both high and low resistance grounded distribution systems. The package we provide consists of: Ground Fault Protection Relay (GFR-2) Zero Sequence Current Transformer (Sensor)

When the ground fault occurs in the system, the Sensor immediately sends a signal to trip the GFR-2 relay. Skymatic Controls will provide DPDT output contacts that operate breakers, annunciators and a wide variety of other devices. GFR-2 is compatible with Skymatic Controls sensors, or any other third party sensors, approved by Skymatic. The GFR-2 is housed in a standard track mount DIN enclosure. CSA approved, the GFR-2 relay has an excellent reliability record and it has been installed in locations around the world. GFR-2 also passed the Environmental and Seismic tests for Ontario Hydro Nuclear Power Generating Stations.