Wiring Instructions for GFR-2

  1. All load cables, including the neutral (if used), should pass through the window of the sensor.
  2. All wiring to the GFR-2 Ground Relay System should be rated 600V. Use a minimum of number 14 AWG. Ensure that safety requirements are met as per your local electrical code.
  3. The conductors from the Sensor to the GFR-2 Relay carry very low current. Extra care should be taken to keep this wiring at least 10 cm away from the power conductors. The wiring should be set up as a twisted pair and grounded at one point only. If the length of wiring exceeds 1.5 m, the twisted pair should be shielded and grounded as shown below.

Typical connections are shown in Fig 2, 3 and 4, below.